5 comments on “Humans.. Got to love ‘them.

  1. Okay, the “trinity” where Jesus is God is really hard to explain, but no, humans did not kill god. Its a complicated thing, and I’m honest to say I can’t explain it and I’m sorry. Secondly, God used to walk with humans, he walked side by side with Adam and Eve, but God cannot be in the presence of sin, thereofre when Adam and Eve sinned he left the presense of the Earth. Also on my wiccan comment, I have a wiccan friend, he explained it to me as in books, that wiccan is not evil, they do pratical spells, that’s all I was implieing, but to me I think witchcraft is evil and a sin, if that made sense? Also, I believe that Prayer is just communication to the Lord, like talkin on the phone, God already knows whats happening therefore I cannot undestand why it would be a spell. ANd Homosexuality is a sin and there is quite a few verses that talk about how it is a sin. And I know spells are real, but that doesn’t make them, right. I don’t know, I guess I’m good at explaining myself. I’m not pushing you to believe in God, I’m just trying to state my facts, I hope intern you will someday see the Truth, but you don’t have to. But if you do pose any questions, I will answer, but, I want you to know, I didn’t mean anything offensive, I just have problems EXPLAINING my point to people who aren’t, but I’m trying because I want to spread the Gospel, I dunno.

  2. Trust me, I have issues also from time to time trying to explain what I mean.. it sounds so logical, complete, and great in my mind.. and looks like something a monkey would draw when I write it.

    No Wicca isn’t ‘evil’ as much as a gun isn’t evil. It’s the person that welds it that’s the problem.

    Religion isn’t evil, but it can be used for evil purposes. it’s to easy to become corrupted when you have the power to corrupt.

    Personally, I don’t believe God is Good.. to me God is a mixture of Good and Evil. (again, different aspects) You can’t have good with out evil. You can’t have Evil with out good. There would be nothing to compare Good Vs Evil if that wasn’t the case.

    However, God Created Satan and evil. or there wouldn’t have been the snake in the apple tree.

    yes there are verses about how HomoSexually is a sin.. Yet there’s a number of verses that talk about it. Mostly in a good way. Personally I think that MAN made that a sin. not God.

    again, God creates everything and loves his creations.. so why is homosexuality a sin?

    and again, as long as you are not personally attacking me I take no offense to anything you wish to say. This is a free country and I respect you right to say what’s on your mind as much as I respect that I have the right to speak my own mind. =)

    but what is ‘the truth’? have you ever asked yourself.. “What if I’m wrong, and Pogo over here is right?” That’s not to say what I have been saying is ‘right’ also.. just right for me. =)

  3. I understand where your coming from in everything as you know I’m going to say BUT; God did not create evil. Now you’re asking, uh, Satan haha. No. See one of God’s many gifts to ANYTHING HE CREATES is FREEWILL. They can choose to obey, love, cherish God, or to well you know. Satan made himself evil, he was a chief angel, actually second to God but because of his pride he turned against God. Satan MADE HIMSELF evil by DISOBEYING GOD. That was not an act of God. God probably knew this was going to happen, but he loves us unconditinally and gave us Free Will. Hopefully that made sense, because I find that people often forget that even the angels of the free will to follow God or Satan.

    Okay secondly, homosexuality, I’ve always been strung both ways, but it is true, God did not make Adam and Steve, and I have nothing against people are Gay, but I do tell them about what the bible said. God did say that homosexuality is wrong. “For this reason, God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves and penalty of their error which was due,” Romans 1:26-27 says.” And that’s where I stand, and also because a majority of them aren’t married, it is pre-marital sex which is adultry which is a sin. So I guess you can see where I come from there?

    And if as you are saying if God loves us so much, why is anything a sin? Again takes it back to Adam and Eve, they sinned therefore God could not be in the presense of sin. This is where sin came from, which God has talked to many of his Disciples, Moses, ect to proclaim these sins in his name. And anything the Devil brings, hatred, temptation, ect is obviously a sin, because the Devil is know as the Father of Evil. But because God loves us unconditionally, including Adam and Eve, whom he clothed as they were banished from the Garden of Eden, well he sent his only son, so that we may be forgivin for our sins. So now all we have to do is “hey God I did this, I know its a sin, I won’t do it again, la de dah, forgive me?” And he does. This is because he loves us, he doesn’t want us to leave him, but its our free will to go and sin.
    I mean there are passages where God even loves Satan, and no now you’re going to say, well that’s evil, its not, God wished that Satan wouldn’t have turn on him, but he did. And because of that sin arrised, but okay now I’m rambling, I EXPECT A COMMENT BACK aha!

  4. Of course you are going to get a comment back.. =)

    You said: “God did not create evil.” I must point out that yes, he did. See Since God is omnipotent and omnipresent.. he/she knows everything that has happened, and everything that will happen. He already knew that Lucifer was going to turn on him.. So why did he create him in the first place? Why would a Good and Just ruler of mankind want to bring strive in to their lives?
    Again, since God created everything.. and we have evil in the world, then God must have created that also. Mankind didn’t create the forbidden fruit. God did that himself.
    Lucifer was only there to trick eve into eating it.. so you really could say that the root of all sin was caused by women, and man just went long for the ride because we love them. huh.. there’s a thought.


    True, but two questions here.. A) if God is ‘all powerful’ why does he need angles in the first place? and B) Again, if God is omnipresent.. he would have known that Lucifer would turn against him when he created him.. so there for, God created Evil.

    You can’t have ‘freewill’ if your lord is omnipresent.. he’s knows when you will mess up LONG before you made the choice to.. so how is that free will? You have a choice, yes. but God already knows the outcome…

    “but he loves us unconditionally”
    Then why would people that practice witchcraft be an abomination on to the lord? if he loves us no matter what we do, and we try to live a good life.. does it really matter what ‘man’ thinks about his/her brother?

    True God did not create Adam and Steve. But God did create them also as brothers and sisters. is it nothing more then someone concerned for their Soul? or just thinking it’s sick?

    the Bible also talks about a number of same sex relationships
    like Ruth and Naomi, David and Jonathan, and Daniel and Ashpenaz.
    Let alone Noah’s son getting drunk after the flood and having sex with Noah. But there’s no data to say that they where an ‘abomination on to the lord’

    and the 10 commandments are the rules of God, yes/no? Those are the commands that God set down for his people. There’s nothing about
    gays in there. Those are the words of God.. isn’t it possible that all the other ‘rules’ are the rules of man? Of what MAN thinks God wants?

    “it is pre-marital sex which is adultery which is a sin.”

    How is Per-Marital sex Adultery?
    Adultery means: “Voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a partner other than the lawful spouse.” Married is the keyword there.

    Pre-Martial sex is just that.. Pre-Martial sex. Personally, I don’t agree with people being sluts and pimps.. but I also don’t see a problem with showing someone how much you love them.. if you truly love them. Personally, I don’t like sex. I like making love.. there’s a big difference. If you can’t love yourself, and you don’t experiment with what feels good, how can you satisfy your partner when you are married?

    “God could not be in the presence of sin.”

    I disagree there.. that therefore also means that God is NOT all powerful. Sin is like Gods kryptonite. Just get enough sin around and God can’t touch you.. which we all know is B.S. For example, there was enough sin on the earth to make God want to kill us all.. so he sent the flood. He could be close enough start it raining.. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah, where God was close enough to destroy the city because they where sinners. (which also proves, since Abraham knew of the cities destruction before hand, that Abraham was also an abomination on to the lord)

    “Devil is know as the Father of Evil. “

    See, I would like to know the story behind that one.. Now how could the right hand Angel of God.. all of a sudden go ‘You know? I’m God now’ and then turn into the father of evil? He was God’s right hand.. God’s #1 Angel. So close to God and therefore Goodness.. how can you flip out to the opposite polar like that?

    “God loves us unconditionally, including Adam and Eve”

    Ok, here’s another one for you.. Ok Adam and Eve where the only humans on earth.. how did two people populate the earth? Wouldn’t there Sons and Daughters had to have had sex in order to increase the population? Wouldn’t incest also be a sin? so how’d that happen?

    “well he sent his only son, so that we may be forgiven for our sins. “

    and now you said ‘SON’ not one of his aspects.. You just said that Jesus wasn’t God.. he was the SON of God.. 😉

    “So now all we have to do is “hey God I did this, I know its a sin, I won’t do it again, la de dah, forgive me?” And he does.”

    and I think that’s Bull shit.
    You sin, I’ve sinned.. we’ve ALL sinned.. depending on who you speak with. Hell I bet there are some people that think you are a sinner because you and I are even talking about this. I know there are people that believe I’m a sinner just because I don’t believe everything I read. But really.. to spend your entire life sinning to God.. and then turn around and “hehe.. look I’m sorry God.. I really F-ed up.. and I’m really sorry’ and all is forgiven? No. What about some serial-murder that rapes and brutally kills 20 people? dismembers them.. rapes them.. steals the life from them slowly.. painfully.. Should that person really be able to go “oops!!! I’m sorry God.. I won’t do it again” Hell no. they should burn in deepest, hottest part of hell for that until they can REALLY repent.

    and no, I wouldn’t say that God loving Satan is ‘evil’ my believe is Good needs Evil.. and Evil needs Good in order to exist. So of course in some way God loves Satan. it keeps the balance. everything is about Balance.

    “God wished that Satan wouldn’t have turn on him, but he did.”

    True.. but then why did God create him in the first place then? Why not just create the Angel ‘Bob’ and know that he wouldn’t turn on you?

    Again, free will means nothing when you already know the outcome.. it’s not really free will. You think you have a choice.. but you really don’t.

    what that means is either
    A) We just THINK we have free-will
    and God is letting all the
    famine, war, death, hatred, etc
    happen to us, waiting for us
    to make a choice that he already
    knows when and where we are
    going to make it, like some
    grand scheme, or experiment.

    B) We really DO have total free
    will and God really Doesn’t know
    what we are going to do.. which
    makes God A LOT less powerful.

    It also means that it doesn’t
    matter what we do, and God
    can’t really ‘forgive’ us for
    anything, because he really
    doesn’t know what we are going
    to do in the first place.

    it’s like your parents.. they
    love you also no matter what you
    do.. but how can they forgive
    for something they don’t know
    you did? You’ve got the free
    will to do what you want..
    but only you know you did it.

    Perhaps God does love us no matter what.. but then I still think he hates the human race because of
    the choices God allowed us to have
    in the first place. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you can live with them.. also doesn’t mean you must like them. I know a few people that I really don’t ‘like’, I don’t like to hang with them.. I just put up with them.. Do I love them? of course.. would I wish them harm? of course not. Do I want to be all buddy buddy and go eat ice cream, laugh, and frolic in the grassy meadow? no.

  5. God’s angels are his messengers just as..the president has his cabinent! He doesn’t need them, but he wants them. Angels are God’s connection to the world.

    And as I said before, God sent his son, which is him, which is really hard to explain. I know I’ve stated the “trinity” quite a few times, but its something that you’d have to read, because its long, difficult. But even though Jesus is God’s son, Jesus is God the “I AM”. Ugh, that ones a rough topic! And of course God knows all, but see the thing is, I’m talking about “free will” as in God isn’t forcing us to worship him, right? God is throwing lightning bolts at us because we are sinners right? So therefore that’s technically he’s giving us the choice.

    Witchcraft – This is one I’m not good at explaining it, probably because I’ve never been one ya know? BUT, I know that spells ect are an abomination to the Lord, because its ‘works of the devil not the lord’ (sounded good in my head?) But the Lord specifically says that this is blasphemy of him. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love them, I mean come on he loves Satan.. but is Satan good? no. =)

    Adam and Eve and their children – Yes. They were incest. And I would like you to know why they could even though now it would be genectically impossible to be okay. Okay… Adam and Eve started out as perfection .. agreed? when they sinned eating the apple from the tree, since it was the first sin we’ll say they were ‘tainted’. So they went from perfect – imperfect in a split second. Agreed? Okay, Now they were to fruit the earth, see Adam lived for 930 yrs according to the bible (useful later) okay anyway, they were told by God ‘to fruit the earth’ obviously get their funk on and make kids agreed? good! lol. Now throughout that process sisters were marrying brothers so on. BECAUSE adam and eve were first, their sin wasn’t as uh, we’ll put the term ‘bad as it is now’ their childern were genetically okay. Catch mah? Okie, so then, obviously since Adam lived so long, their were lost families ya know like death and stuff, so basically breeding out into new families, sound okay? After I think Cain and his wife, God declared incest a sin, because the earth was probably fully populated ya know? So that’s that. Hopefully that made sense..

    Sin- This seems to be a rather sensitive subject with non-christians, but sin is existent. God is all powerful even in front of sinners – the point being made was that God is holy and we are not. Okie I guess that’s not very good, but you seem smart and should understand that lol. When someone is purley Holy they are perfect, and when someone is ‘dirty’ the Holy cannot stand to be around them. I think that made sense aha! And technically even a robber of the worst kinds can repent recall Jesus’ death. The robber saw God’s mercy and he was saved..hopefully you knew that!

    Now, I know there is a few homo couples in the Bible, but as I said the world was tainted with sin. Just cause they did it doesn’t mean it was right. And I know I got that whole thing wrong about the adultry, I miss typed aha but what I typed was true, pre-marital sex is against the bible. Pre-marital sex is fornification in God’s eyes.

    Paul writes in I Corinthians 6:9-11, “Know you not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God? Be not deceived, neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners shall inherit the Kingdom of God”.

    But see that’s where forgivness also comes in.

    Because you are right God loves us all, he wants us to be with him in the NEW WORLD and his kingdom, but we must cleanse ‘wash away our sins’ Jesus died so that murderers and rapists and even the plain ol’ person could be saved. Because God wants us with him, but he will not force us!

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