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  1. Hi Matt. Choosing faith in God is not irrational nor is it, ” what you know for sure that just ain’t so”. Truth is good and vital. Science is a great to prove out what is true, but science does not require atheism.

    There is quite a bit in your text that I would love to talk about but only one thing that really jumps out at me and that is in regards to this comment: “The Christain religion (among others) has caused more strive, hardship, and other random acts of bull shit on this earth than anything else in history.”

    While it is true that there are things that have been done in the name of Christianity, and they have been evil, there have been many millions more people murdered and entire countries destroyed in the name of Atheism. Nitche had said that now since God was dead, the 20th century would prove to be the bloodiest the world had ever seen. And he was right. What does this prove? When man has killed in the name of no religion and in the name of religion? Only that man is the problem. So what is the answer?

    I agree with you, the only reason to believe something is if its true. You rant because you believe a certain belief is wrong and you decry brutal killing in the name if that believe as wrong. But what is your basis for wrong or right? How do you determine good and evil?

    • What can I say… I was bored. hehe =) I’m not Atheist just FYI. I believe in a ‘higher power’ a God as you will. I just don’t believe in organized religion.
      I’m sure quit a bit of that rant upset you.. just be sure that it wasn’t directly focused to any one group or religion. There’s a lot of good people out there that use the bases of the teachings for the greater good, and I’m ALL for that. There’s nothing better in this world when people think of people as brothers and sisters.. and treat them with respect and willing to do anything someone in need might need. THAT should be the true ‘human nature’ However, it only takes a few idiots to perverse the whole idea.. the ones that only look out for themselves.. never take responsibility for there own actions or, worse yet, blame their actions on their brothers and sisters or ‘video games/Music/Movies/News’

      but to answer your direct questions: “But what is your basis for wrong or right? How do you determine good and evil?”
      it totally depends on the situation. it’s a gut instinct to me, and in most cases common sense. You don’t hurt people, you don’t kill people, you help where and when you can, you don’t steal from people.. if you want something you work your ass off to get it. If you need something you try to make it happen first, you don’t just ask for help out right because it’s ‘too hard’. Things along those lines.

      and I totally agree with you.. “man is the problem”.. which leads to my favorite phrase.. ‘Stupid humans.’ hehe 🙂

  2. Actually, nothing upset me. I was not offended in the least. Now there is something I could personally “rant” about. 🙂 People that get offended at every little thing.

    Do fo you prefer disorganized religion? 🙂

    I know you were not directly looking for a debate, so I wont go into more. My aim was not just to be right but rather to make you think. Thinking is good. When I hear/read someone talk about all the evil done in the name if religion and then blame many of the worlds ills on religion, I do feel compelled to say something. 🙂

    Regarding faith I will leave you with this from Rev Dr. John Polkinghorne KBE FRS, Cambridge University. This is man whose life was in theorhetical physics and others. He has a laundry list of awards and places he has tought. Even teaching along side Stephen Hawking at Cambridge.

    “We must understand that religious belief, just like scientific belief, is motivated understanding of the ways things are. Of course, a religious stance involves faith, just as a scientific investigating starts by commitment too the interrogation of the physical world from a chosen point of view. But faith is not a question of shutting one’s eyes, gritting one’s teeth, and believing the impossible. It involves a leap, but a leap into the light rather than the dark. It is open to the possibility of correction, as God’s ways and will become more clearly known.”

    I pray for a smooth delivery for you and your wife. I will be expecting my first in June. 🙂

  3. well people those who seek the understanding of faith, religion, Christianity, is fine and well if man looks at Christianity in a good aspect as I tried to do . it is how some one that speaks from what he reads from the bible to others that hear it. either one can follow what it said or do wrong by it.
    walking there own path away from faith it is the lack of faith in there self that see’s the negative path in what is religion . I feel Jesus Christ was only teacher that taught the good in people.

    Not what Christens look at him as, I feel there are good people who are non religious and those who are on the other hand Christens that try to do good over bad Christens. I don not feel God is dead who is he or she is
    or may be God could be a part of science that created the solar systems and other life forms. I knoweth Religion causes either great courage for faith and as well the struggle for death it is all how it is read and how people take it how it reads

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