3 comments on “A question to the world…

  1. My thoughts on the issue are that considering separation of church and state, what business does the government have “allowing”, licensing, recommending, sanctifying, etc marriage in the first place. Marriage is traditionally a religious ceremony. So, let the government get their freakin’ nose out of the whole thing and let religion determine who can and can’t get married. Even if someone wants to have 20 wives or marry a cat or dog I don’t think the government should care. I don’t even think they should give tax breaks to married people or force people to pay alimony to ex-spouses. Simply put, my point is that if we applied separation of church and state, the “problem” would simply go away. Right?

    • Well you’ve got a point. but I agree with what you are thinking as well.. but that will only work if the religion sticks to it’s own little world and doesn’t try to dictate the believes of everyone else. Which isn’t going to happen. Since each religion has it’s own views on pretty much every subject there is I don’t believe they are the the right group to judge, well pretty much anything. It’s WAY to easy to abuse power and trick sheep into believing anything their ‘group leader’ wants. I think ‘marriage’ should be handled by the government only to know whom is linked to whom and be done with it.

      When it’s all said and done ‘marriage’ is nothing more than a piece of paper. To me, true marriage is about the relationship; the partnership not the piece of paper nor what any church trying to convince me is the ‘truth’. They don’t know the truth either.

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