11 comments on “Main Data…

  1. how is my girl doing? and big boy Trevor doing?
    guess we can’t really say little trevor now can we? LOL

    Love n hugs to you all from Auntie Witchy

  2. “I think you should have named him “Ahhhhhhh!”

    He had a hairy head, a hairy face, hairy chest, hairy legs, hairy boots and a
    hairy hat, shaped like a big bullet with horns comin’ out the sides…..and
    once he started after ya he’d NEVER stop!

    (his Momma named him Erik ’cause she couldn’t spell AHHhhhhhhhhhh!)

  3. LOL!!

    Man… we are a long way from harasing your sister and Coleen while watching Max Headroom on you PC.

    BTW… whatever happened to Coleen?

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